How to import textures

Blender will not import textures to unity… But I need to know how to import textures. If I paint a texture on to an object in blender it will not be there in unity. How do I fix this. I have heard you can manually put them on but how do you that if your textures are painted or image mapped? Please help. This is the main thing holding me back from making my game. Thanks in advanced!!!

The way textures are “painted on” to objects is by UV mapping. I don’t use blender but if, when you export the model, you don’t get an image file as well for the texture, then I’m positive there is a way to “Export Texture”.

This will be what you need, just drag the exported image into Unity like you would a model and apply it to the object’s material. The UVs should already be set up and the texture should just ‘work’.