How to import the object from server to unity

Hi EveryOne,

I am started working on unity3d asset bundle. But i dont know how to use that, i read the documentation and i tried something but it was not working. I have some asset in my drop box at the runtime i have tried to import it but it is not working it showing some 404 error. function Start () { var www = WWW (""); yield www; // Get the designated main asset and instantiate it. Instantiate(www.assetBundle.mainAsset); }

Give me some guidance to use the asset bundle

404 error mean that you have a problem in your url … you have to check

By simple going to your link, I’m getting a 404 error from dropbox, meaning you copied the link incorrectly…
Try putting your file in your Public folder, and then right click and select “copy public URL” from the context menu. The links I get look like this:[yourUserId]/[Any/SubFolders/YouMightHave/][NameOfFile.unity3d]

for example:

warning: this does mean putting your file up for everyone that has the link to see and download it. You might want to create and use some test assets and avoid using any sensitive company assets.