How to import virtual camera image to WebCamTexture (ex. OBS Virtual Camera, NVIDIA Broadcast)


I’m trying to show “virtual camera” image on Unity.
The examples of virtual camera are OBS Virtual Camera, XSplit VCam, NVIDIA Broadcast, etc.

It is not cinemachine function.

First, I searched webcamera devices by WebCamTexture.devices, and played WebCamTexture object.

for (int i = 0; i < WebCamTexture.devices.Length; i++) {
     var device = WebCamTexture.devices*;*

Debug.Log ("Device Found: {i}, {}");* *}* *int DeviceID = 3;* *string deviceName = WebCamTexture.devices[DeviceID].name;* *Debug.Log (“Initializing Device: {DeviceID}, {deviceName}”);
var webcamTexture = new WebCamTexture (deviceName);
webcamTexture.Play ();
Debug.Log ($“Initialized Device: {DeviceID}, {deviceName}”);
As a result, the all virtual cameras and physical cameras were listed, but the WebCamTexture object occured below error on WebCamTexture.Play() only virtual cameras.
Device Found: 0, Logicool BRIO <= Physical web-camera
Device Found: 1, OBS-Camera
Device Found: 2, Camera (NVIDIA Broadcast)
Device Found: 3, OBS Virtual Camera <= Selected virtual camera
Initializing Device: 3, OBS Virtual Camera
ERROR - Could not find specified video device <=UnityEngine.WebCamTexture:Play()
Initialized Device: 3, OBS Virtual Camera
So I checked virtual camera images can be displayed on another software(ex: Microsoft Teams, Discord, etc) to check the virutal camera are valid.
Finally, the virtual camera images are displayable on these software, therefore I found the virtual camera’s and physical camera device are valid.
Does anyone have informations of this trouble and have another solution?
And this trouble is happend only me?
- Windows 10
- Unity 2020.1.10f.1
- OBS 26.0.2

dude, you just can try the other ways to get virtual camera images such like AVPro Live Camera plugin, I do many try on WebCamTexture but totally not work.

And the BadNews is even AVPro Live Camera has some issue too, it can’t get the virtual camera of OBS native application, you have to use this plugin of OBS:

See my post on Unity Forums for full details, but basically:

I reverted to an older version (to a version before the virtual camera was a built-in OBS feature) and installed: