How to improve 2D rendering at a distance.

Hi! I’m working on a base builder game, and have crossed an issue with mega bases. Judging from the profiler, it looks like rendering is the main cause here. (obviously the scripts are also an issue but I’m at least aware of how to fix that) The screenshot provided is from a base zoomed VERY far out. This is in the scene view, but in-game it’s virtually the same.

alt text

I’m wondering what would be the best way to fix this. My thought was pooling objects together so that they’re rendered as one, but I’m not totally sure on how to implement that properly. The other issue is the grid pattern appearing. I thought Anti-Aliasing would fix it but there doesn’t appear to be any notable improvements when it’s enabled.

Not sure if I’m allowed to bump this, or if replying even bumps the post in the first place, but still haven’t found a solution to this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Anti-Aliasing often times isn’t any good in games because it just tries to smooth out edges, often times this makes even it even worse for a 2D game, because it can create little gaps between sprites (so you should probably turn it off). If with the grid pattern appearing you mean tiny spaces in between the tiles, like I said maybe can it be fixed by turning off anti-aliasing and if that doesn’t work, [packing sprites in a sprite atlas] 1 might help with that.
Now about the actual question :smiley: I mean it’s quite obvious that Unity has a lot of rendering to do there, the farther you zoom out the more objects it has to render, maybe, but just maybe, it helps having some kind of LOD? But I don’t even know if people do something like that for 2D games :smiley: Also is it actually that bad? I can’t really see the FPS your profiler is showing because of the pictures quality, but it often gets better when you build your game and close your profiler (the profiler is also taking up a lot of performance :smiley: ). Also are you using TileMaps? TIleMaps increase performance for 2D games too, for example: it’s packing all the [tiles together that are on the same TileMap] 2.