How to improve my mini map in a 2.5D tile game?

Hi, I want to make the minimap like this: [158710-2020-05-06-18-46-16-crossgate召喚part0-youtube.png|158710]
The wall in the minimap only shows as a 1 unit rectangle block. The player will only show as a blinking point. and the floor keep the color.

Now I followed some tutorials on the Internet using a second camera implemented a mini-map like this: 158711-2020-05-06-18-49-19-gamecgdungeon-dungeonscene-and.png

It’s just a smaller version of the big map which is not expected. I googled a lot, but still no idea how to do this. The map is dynamically generated.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thank you!

After some research, I’m trying to use Shader to see if I can do it. But please if anybody has idea how to do this, let me know!