How to Improve performance of the game by reducing VRAM and VBO Total?

In my racing game VBO Total and VRAM is so high which causes my games crashes when i am running it under iPhone 4s and other android devices.

how to improve performance all of this…
can anyone help me…38059-stats.png

If your intended platform is a mobile device, it’s pointless testing how it runs in the Unity Editor - a system which has many times more CPU, GPU, and RAM capacity - you need to be testing on the intended platform right from the start of your development.

I’ve already pointed out many common areas for performance improvement on mobiles, but to know which is causing the bottleneck for your particular game you need to profile.

Or, disable shadows, set mobile diffuse shaders on every material, static batch everything, decimate all your meshes by 50% at least, resize all your textures to 256x256 max and try it again. If it runs better, try re-enabling features one at a time until you reach the point at which you regard is acceptable performance.

All those stats seem way too high for a mobile game, IMO. I’d aim for Max 50 drawcalls, 50k verts/tris. You are not batching anything at the moment, and you’re casting a lot of realtime shadows.

Very hard to give specific advice but, as you’ve paid for Unity Pro, you should learn how to use the Profiler to find where performance bottlenecks are.

1> To Reduce This, I have used Object Pooling for instantiate a new game object which will reduce the no of game object in my game object. So now in my game, i have total no of game object as per my requirement.

2> Secondly i have also reduced the size of the texture and also used POT texture to compress them in the memory.

3> I have used Resource.Load the new game object.

4> Used 3d model with low poly as much as possible which will reduce no of draw calls.