how to improve sprite image quality

I am developing a 2D block game and using lots of block images.
Those images are being used as Sprite(2D and UI) and true color format.
My problem is the images do not look as fine as they look on Android phone.
I just drag the images into Unity editor and use them. That’s how I work.
And the quality gets lower on Android phone.
Should I adjust any fields in the inspector of image to improve the quality?
Any help would be so appreciated, Thanks for reading.

@mhhk88 Go to Edit > Project Settings > Quality and (1) click ‘Add Quality Level’. Then select it in the list of presets and (2) rename it to something like “MyQualitySettings”. Next, make sure (3) texture quality is set to Full Res, and (4) click the arrow below the Android column and enable “MyQualitySettings” (the green checkbox in the Android column should change to your setting).


Next, bring the sprite up in the inspector window and click on the Android settings. Check to make sure ‘Override for Android’ is disabled.


Let me know if this helps :smiley: