How to increase shadow strength overtime

I’m trying to increase shadow strength when the object is becoming near to the ground.

Using light source (Directional Light) which is perpendicular on my cube game object (Rotation 90,0,0).

This is how I want it to appear:

#Workaround which isn’t good:
Manipulating the directional light will work when there is only one falling object, but when there are more than one falling cube it won’t work properly at all. So if there are 5 falling objects each one at a different distance from the ground… no way :confused: I don’t know how to work this out.

#Any suggestions?
I would be so grateful, thanks in advance.

Hello @ManoKristos !!

Is possible, but not directly!

-Shadow strenght can not be modifyied directly, but what you can do is “a trick”:

-For one side, shadow depends on material transparency (alpha value of a color).

-Create a new material, and assign the material to your cube. Let’s now modify the material: With Standard Shader, set its Rendering mode as “Tranparent”. And now change its color alpha value and look on real time how the shadow of your cube changes.

-There is the effect you want! The problem is you do not want your cube to have a transparent changing-over-time material.

-So here is the trick. You have 2 cubes all time, 1st cube do not cast shadows, and the 2nd cube Only cast shadow and is not renderd.

-On inspector with a cube selected, acess to: Mesh Renderer Component > Lighting > Cast Shadows

-One cube must be set to OFF (so will not cast shadows) and the other cube set to SHADOWS ONLY (so you will see the cube itself is not rendered and only makes a shadow). If you now manipulate the alpha value of the transparent material relative to the heigh of the 1st cube, you will have your desired effect.