How to increase the pitch of an audio with respect to distance?

Hi guys,

I want to increase the pitch of an audio with respect to distance.
I placed an object somewhere in the scene and with the distance between Camera and the object i need to increase the pitch gradually.

if (dist > 4.5f)  // 4.5 is my max distance
                        gameObject.GetComponent<AudioSource>().pitch = 0.75f;
else if (dist < 1.5f)  // 1.5 is my min distance
                        gameObject.GetComponent<AudioSource>().pitch = 1.5f;
                        // While the distance is between 1.5(min dist) - 4.5(max dist), I need to increase the pitch from 0.75(slow) to 1.5(fast) according to the distance. So when the Camera comes near the object the pitch should be high and when the camera is far away from the object pitch should be low. I hope you are getting my question.

Hi! I think I understood what you needed. Instead of using an if statement to keep dist between 1.5 and 4.5, I used Mathf.Clamp.

//Put these outside of any methods so you can change them easily.
public float minDist = 1.5;
public float maxDist = 4.5;
public float closePitch = 1.5;
public float farPitch = .75;

//Replace your if/else/elseif with this:
float x = Mathf.Clamp(dist, 1.5f, 4.5f);
float pitch = (farPitch - closePitch) * (x - minDist) / (maxDist - minDist) + closePitch;
gameObject.GetComponent<AudioSource>().pitch = pitch;

The math part comes from irritate’s answer to a different post. I also recommend you store your AudioSource component as a variable and use GetComponent only in Start(). It’s a pretty slow function and since it doesn’t change, you don’t need to call it every time, anyway.