How to increase the size of the collider?

Hello! I can not create the code with a gradual increase in the collider. It turned out static.

How do I make a smooth increase in the size of the collider to 2?


Can you please tell us a little bit more information? What kind of collider are you hoping to change?

I wrote a small script which will gradually increase the size of a box collider to 2.

To see this in action, make a new script called ‘ColliderGrow’ and paste the following code into that file. Create a new Cube object and attach this script to it.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

// We require this gameobject to have a box collider
[RequireComponent (typeof(BoxCollider))]
public class ColliderGrow : MonoBehaviour {

	// How big the collider will be in the end
	public float finalSize = 2;
	// How fast we increase the collider size. Higher = faster
	public float increaseSpeed = 1;

	// Reference to the box collider
	private BoxCollider b_collider;

	private void Awake() {
		// Set reference to box collider
		b_collider = GetComponent<BoxCollider> ();

	private void Update() {
		// Create a vector containing the size of the collider
		Vector3 b_size = b_collider.size;
		// Check if the size is smaller than our final size
		// Since this is a box, all axis will be the same so we only need to check one
		if (b_size.x < finalSize) {
			// The size is smaller than our final size
			// Increase the size a little bit
			b_size += * increaseSpeed * Time.deltaTime;
			// Check if we overshot our final size
			if (b_size.x > finalSize) {
				// The size is now bigger than the final size
				// Set the size to the final size
				b_size = new Vector3 (finalSize, finalSize, finalSize);
			// Update the collider with the new size
			b_collider.size = b_size;

It will be similar for other collider shapes. E.g. For a sphere you work with its radius.

Hope this helps!