How to increment a value for every point put into another value?

Ok the concept is simple, I have a value called Damage, I have a stat system, STR, INT, etc… What I want to do is increase Damage by say +5 for every point I put into STR how would, I do this. I’ve tried to google search the answer, i couldn’t find anything, wether it be because there is no answer or I didn’t know what to type to find it. Any help is very much appreciated.

Use properties and get; set; accessors. These allow you to call events whenever a value is retrieved or set from anywhere in the code. Here’s an example:

public int Damage;

int _myothervalue = 0;
public int MyOtherValue
     get { return _myothervalue; }
          _myothervalue = value;

          // Will increment damage whenever this value is set

Hi there, I’m not sure im following your question, try to post the code. Also I think with an If() could solve that question