How to initialize a slider without the callback being triggered?

The Scripting Reference lists a function Slider.Set under public functions as well as proteted functions.
The description however says for both that they are protected. When I try to use it, I get an error that this function is protected, so I can’t use it to set a slider to a specific value without fireing the sliders callback function.

I was now trying to set Slider.value manually and prevent the callback being triggered. I tried: mySlider.enabled = false; , mySlider.interactable = false; , I disabled the parent object. But to no avail, the callback is allways triggerd no matter what I do.

What can I do to set the value via script without the callback being fired?
Is there a way to disable/remove the callback temporarily?

I ran into this issue when working on in game settings using Sliders and Toggles. My solution was to have a boolean (in my case ‘isInitialLoad’) set to true, read in saved settings and set the Toggles/Sliders, then set it back to false. In the functions called by the UI elements, I have if(isInitialLoad) return;. The callback function is triggered immediately, so no need for a coroutine or invoke delay.

This works in Unity 2020.