How to insert a Unity iOS 3D scene into an XCode Storyboard ViewController instead of into the MainWindow.xib


I am new to Unity iOS and have created a couple of 3D scenes which I have built as an XCode project.

I am running Unity iOS 3.4.2f2 and XCode 4.2 on Snow Leopard.

The Xcode projects build fine and run in both tXCode projects are created with a MainWindow.xib file. I want to develop a complete iPhone app using the XCode Storyboard (which I know how to use).

I have added a Storyboard and ViewController to the XCode project and changed the to reference the AppDelegate class and changed the info.plist to use the MainStoryboard file. This works and correctly displays the ViewController’s View in the Simulator and physical iPhone.

How do I now move the Unity 3D scene into the ViewController’s View in the Storyboard?

hi Hermes, did you manage to make it work?, i’ve to achieve the same as you.