How to insert animation crips to FBX?

Hi there.

I imported a FBX file including animations that were created in Maya.

I made some"Animation Crips" in “Inspector” of Unity.

When I move the FBX file to another project
it lost all informations of the “Animation Crips”.

Is it possible to insert informations of “Animation Crips” to FBX files?

Or, do you know another way to keep “Animation Crips” between different projects?

Please post your answers!

I found a solution myself.
The “AnimationClips” could keep if I change the setting of “Version Control”.

  • Edit>ProjectSetting>Editor
  • Version Control : MetaFiles

After the setting Unity will make a meta file including "AnimationClips"in the asset folder.

You can store your animationClips as a separate asset file.
Then, if they are imported, you can simply drag them to the correct object you want to animate. The clips are still picky about what the channels are named, apparently…

its possible to write scripts to apply prefab animationClips to your objects on import.