How to install the learning tutorials for unity hub?


Have you tried going through the Package Manager? It has a small install button on the bottom right.

When I started with the tutorials I sometimes had trouble getting the assets into my project but I realized all I had to do was have Unity open and double click on the file that I had downloaded, and this would then open the Import window within Unity.

I wouldn’t worry so much about version and ‘out dated tutorials’ although obviously it is frustrating if anything is not exactly how you expect it to be. You can usually just do a separate search regarding your problem and get some help.

If there is anything I have been slightly disappointed with, it’s actually this web site, which is buggy at times, and help is not always as forthcoming as I would hope. That said, I have been helped out of a jam at least 2 or 3 times on here, and another few times I just had to learn more C#, help MYSELF out of the jam, and then post the answer to my own thread (which this web site then manages to delete, hide or otherwise make hard to find)!