How to install Unity ads 4.7

How would I install Unity ads 4.7, there is no Unity ads, I have only Advertisement legacy with version 4.4.2
but as I can see in changelog there should be 4.7.
Change version manually in manifest file doesn't help

thank you

The update is for native iOS and Android SDKs, as for the Unity platform, there are currently no updates planned for this package because most of our planned updates to the native iOS and Android SDKs are focused on mediation. Please refer to here for more information:

Thank you @SamOYUnity3D .
Means I should use Unity LevelPlay instead of Unity ads right.
But there is no guide about integration
Could you help me to find the guide, I suppose I cannot use
UnityEngine.Advertisements using LevelPlay right?

UnityEngine.Advertisements is only for exclusive use with the Unity Ads SDK. If you are using Unity Levelplay mediation, please refer to this guide:

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@SamOYUnity3D please, take a look here:
You have newer versions of Advertisement Legacy since 4.4.2.
How can we install them as we have only 4.4.2 in the Package Manager window.
Even guys from Unity Ads told me to use Advertisement Legacy with the version bigger than 4.4.2. But I don't know how to do that.

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The highest version available for the Unity platform is 4.4.2. Later versions are available for iOS and Android platforms.

Oh, I see now.
I wanted newer version because I have the Unity Ads Unity Mediation Plugin in my project (it relies on Unity Ads SDK 4.7.0) and the Advertisement Legacy 4.4.2. As soon as dependencies are specified by the Unity Ads Unity Mediation Plugin(to avoid including the Unity Ads Android SDK twice), ad placements can have errors.

We do not recommend that a project contain both Unity Mediation SDK and Unity Ads Legacy SDK, as this may cause unpredictable conflicts.

@SamOYUnity3D thank you for your answer.
Maybe I wrote ssomething wrong. The "Unity Mediation SDK" in my project is Unity Mediation Plugin for Admob. Taken here:
This plugin based on Unity Ads 4.7 but for mobile OSs(Android , iOS).

You just need to follow Admob's document to import the Unity SDK and Adapter, and don't need to install Unity Advertisement Legacy 4.4.2 through the package manager, or there might be conflict errors.