How to instantiate a game object few times and then destroy the clones one by one?

I’m trying to be able to instantiate a game object from the script attached to a different object, so i could later destroy them one by one. How do i keep track of number of objects and how do i access a single object to be destroyed? Do i need to make my object a prefab? Do i need to use an array for this (i need a max of 6 objects)?

I think i can’t use a script in the object to clone, because the cloning would be made from gui menu, so every clone of my object would also create a cloned menu on top of the previous one. This is just too complicated for me.

You can make a list of GameObject and when they’re instantiated (Instantiate a prefab) you add them to the list.
To destroy the objects you can use a loop inside a coroutine, like:

IEnumerator destroyMyObjects(System.Collections.Genenic.List<GameObject> whichObjects, float delayBetweenDestructions) {

for(int i = 0; i < whichObjects.Count; i++) {


yield return new WaitForSeconds(delayBetweenDestructions);


Make sure to call the method with StartCoroutine just one time.
You can make the list of Game Objects a static list so you can add in to this list from any other script.

This got me the idea how to proceed. Thank you very much.