How to instantiate a projectile only from the weapon prefab of the firing player?

I have a local multiplayer game that features two players that are each equipped with a weapon, which is instantiated as a child for each player upon start.
The issue I am having is that currently, whenever I press the “Shoot” button, I get projectiles instantiating from BOTH players weapon; not just the weapon from the firing player.

void Shoot () {
    if(Time.time >= nextTimeToFire && standardShot)
        Instantiate(projectile, nozzle.position, nozzle.rotation, transform);
        nextTimeToFire = Time.time + 1 / fireRate;

Any ideas on what I can change to the Instantiation script to get it to only fire the projectile from the weapon of the player who shot it?

User Input

    if (player.GetButtonDown("Shoot"))
        Debug.Log("Player 1 Shot");
        shooting = true;
    }else { shooting = false; }