How to instantiate many different prefabs from one prefab?

Hi, Let me make my question clearer:
I have a prefab, and added a reference of it in my code.
Now, I know that if I’ll try to instantiate many times times with different values each time, each iteration would overwrite the previews and in the end all the prefabs that I instantiated would have the same values, because they all point to the same address on the heap.

So, I would like to know if there is a way to make a new prefab each time, with new address, so if I change the values in one of them, it won’t change it in all of them.

I appreciate any effort to help.

Hi @gigos22,

If you instantiate a prefab you should be able to change any value of the instantiated object without changing the values for any other instantiated prefabs.
Just make sure that the object you change the values of, is the instantiated prefab, and not the reference prefab in your code.