How to instantiate prefab (particle effect) in my UI canvas?

I have an ortographic camera and screen space - overlay canvas, I created a particle effect and i’m trying to spawn where an image UI is, but isn’t working it spawns but nothing is showing…
Also tryed to set my canvas to screen space - camera but nothing is showing then, what i’m doing wrong?

I’m having an issue where the prefab in demo looks different from the instance. In demo the particle effect is on the entire screen, but now it’s just all squished together in a little space, I don’t get it.

Although to see it is one part to the issue that you’re having, is to make sure it’s on the correct sorting layer, also make sure the camera you’re using can see that layer(culling mask on camera).

Check the “renderer” part in the particle and “sorting layer id” is set to the correct layer. Then make sure every sub particle has the same layer.

Another thing you could look for is to make sure if your camera is on world, for example, the particles are too “simulation space”.

This helped me at least see the particles…yet I’m still dealing with this weird issue.