How to instantiate prefabs with offset transform.position values?

I am making a game where different obstacle prefabs are randomly instantiated into the scene. They all have different sizes and are thus positioned on the Y axis to be placed right on the flat ground, so I just want to know how I would tell Unity to instantiate them with their transform.position offsets kept in mind (kind of like Quaternion.Euler). If anyone knows the transform.position equivalent of that, I would be very grateful. Thanks!

Are you referring to a Vector3?

rotation is of type Quaternion and position is a Vector3. You could say the same thing for euler angles. If this isn’t what you are referring to you’ll have to add some more information to clarify exactly what you mean.

Where transform.position will give you the current position of a GameObject as a Vector3, transform.rotation will give you the current rotation as a Quaternion.

To clarify, Quaternion.identity is the definition for a baseline orientation. When the object has received no rotation, it still needs something to define its orientation. Unlike the Euler Angle representation of a rotation, you won’t have a “zero” Quaternion.