How to instantiate random object in a panel ?

Hi. I am quite new with Unity 3D and c#. I am still trying to find my way.
The manual is really not helping, it looks it was created by people who knows Unity for people who knows Unity and don’t look for answers.
So, my problem is the following. I am looking for a complete step by step noob answer on how to instantiate different elements at random position in a panel on a UI giving the panel has a max offset and min offset.
There are about 190 elements to instantiate in 32 different panels. Each element will have to be scaled in x and y and get a random rotation. The elements are buttons. I think I need to create one prefab and then after, it’s darkness.
I am trying to understand the syntax of the instantiate but it is really not clear where I need to put the x,y, the x scale, the y scale and the rotation.

void instantiateRandomObject(){

//randomize 190 elements

//randomize 32 panels

//instantiate randomized element

//set parent to randomized panels

//get recttransform component and set x and y to random

//get recttransform component and set z rotation at random

//get button component and set event OnClick


hope it helps