How to integrate HTML5 elements in Unity ?


As part of an educational project, I would like to integrate HTML5 elements into Unity, and more particularly an interactive application: MeteoEarth accessible at this address

Moreover, I’d like to run a web application with sources (page html + files css + scripts js) in Unity.

Is there an effective way to incorporate that kind of element?

Thank you for your answers!

Hello @Sharkou_ , have you found an answer? I’m interested in doing the same thing (integrating pages in Html5 ou AS3 into Unity). I would be glad to have few tips from you if you could help me a bit!..

At today’s Keynote by Unity3D they showed a game being played on an adroid phone and talked about a “small” and “fast” player, and also about HTML5 deployment.

Can anyone provide info or a link on HTML5 Canvas authoring in Unity3D?

You can render Unity3D webgl canvas inside HTML page, while adding some HTML element layered front upon canvas.