How to interact game objects?

Hello everyone,

I’m familiar with the Unity environment, but lately I have many troubles with my code.
I used to work with Unity Script, and I converted my work to C#, my question is, how do you interact with other MonoBehaviour game objects?

I tried using the Singleton pattern, and also used the Factory pattern, and these has it’s limits, and I was wondering if anyone here could give me his advice or anywhere to read, how to access game objects, classes, and code, without the “Send Message” or “Broadcast Message” as I find these, un-effective methods.

Here’s is how i usually access the other GameObjects:

First Method:
Declare the GameObject as public for example

public GameObject myobject;

Then drag the GameObject we want to access to myobject in the inspector.
You can also directly access the particular component of the gameobject as that would be more effecient.

For Example:

public Transform transform;

Then you can just drag the gameobject to transform in the inspector and you can access the Transform Component of the dragged gameobject.

Second Method:

You can use




This is ofcourse less effecient than the first method described above.

For getting a Component of any particular gameobject you can use the following

Simple Example Here:

public GameObject otherobject;
Transform otherobjecttransform=otherobject.transform;

You can also use this:

 //Ignore the space below in angular brackets as thats how this site is designed..
 Transform otherobjecttransform=GameObject.Find("otherobject").GetComponent
 <    Transform   >();

This above code line will Find the GameObject name otherobject and get it’s TransForm Component

Public Static Variables

You can Create A public Static Variables in the Script so that they can accessed in other Script

Here is the simple example:

public static int score;

Just for understanding assume that this variable is in Script called global.cs. Now you can easily access this variable anywhere(in any script) using

  int getscore=global.score;

Not only that you can also create public static methods in C# script.

For Example:

public static void printmyname()

Now assuming that this method is in script called global.cs you can access it anywhere just by calling this method as belows:


Do note that a static method must contain static variables.

Check this page Accessing Other GameObjects in Refrence Doc for detailed explanation as well as sample code. Ofcourse select C# instead of JavaScript for code and also do check this Accessing other Components .

Please if anybody who knows more please comment on this if i have made some mistake as well as make suggestions and suggest new ways