How to invisible an Empty GameObject?

This object is just an empty GameObject, which contains a lot of children. In fact I want all of its children to be invisible.
So “renderer.enable = false” doesn’t work. Because no renderer component was attached to it.
I don’t want to deactive it, it needs to update all the time.
Do I need to go through all of its children to invisible it one by one?

Yes you have to go through all children. Iterate through them with something like this:

for (child in transform) {
    child.renderer.enabled = false;

Unity uses a genius way of scene management. Seperate objects will always be seperate objects even when their transforms are parented and it makes no sence to implement a “DeactivateAllChildRenderers” function because the next day someone wants to deactivate all except one.

The easiest way is to use GetComponentsInChildren:

// C#
Renderer[] allChildRenderers = GetComponentsInChildren<Renderer>();

foreach(Renderer R in allChildRenderers )
    R.enabled = false;

// UnityScript
var allChildRenderers = GetComponentsInChildren.<Renderer>();

for(var R in allChildRenderers )
    R.enabled = false;

I can’t believe this, Unity’s scene management is so weak!
I have to say Unity is good in general, but it’s so bad in detail.