How to jump and move forward simultaneously?

Hi guys, im indie dev that try to create 3rd person camera game, so i try to create a mechanism that,

move forward > jump > move forward

what happened is, the character move forward, but when i press space(jump), the “jump” animation occurs, but it stay static. and after the “jump” animation finished, it continue to move forward,

so what i want it look like is, whenever i move forward, and then press space, the character do the animation jump, simultaneously moving forward.

ive checked the controller, nothings error.

hope u guys can help. thanks!

If you could give a script, that would be useful.

Check to see if activating the jump interferes with the script that gives the character forward momentum.

I don’t know exactly how you are going about it, but I would have a button AddForce along the Z axis to move forward and have a separate button AddForce along the Y axis while playing the jump animation.

its working now, i adjust it in bodymask setting, thanks for ur reply tho!