How to keep a image size as before loading in the uinity3d

Hi guys , i want to make a 2d demo ,
so i some codes as follows
i loaded some images from asset ,but the images size shown in the scene not corrected .
var textures:Object = Resources.LoadAll(_imagePath, typeof(Texture2D));

           for (var i = 0; i < textures.Length; i++){

		var go:GameObject = new GameObject("test"+i);
		go.transform.position=new Vector3(0 ,0, 1.0f);
		var guiTex:GUITexture = go.AddComponent(GUITexture);
		var texture:Texture2D =  (textures *as Texture2D);*

guiTex.texture = texture;
_ guiTex.pixelInset = Rect(i10,i10,texture.width,texture.height);_

yield WaitForSeconds(0.5);
Debug.Log("Textures Loaded: " + _typedTextures.Length);
i want to let show default size
can anybody help me ? ths very much

If you use a GUITexture make sure you set the scale to 0,0,0 when using pixelInset otherwise the scale will modify your width / height. The scale works totally different for GUITextures.

See GUITexture.

ok i works , ths very much for helping , i did’t see the help documents clearly
btw, now i want to download some image resource to Resources folder and load
these images to GUITexture in scenes , so next times i will not need to download again
but i don’t konw how to solve it
do you have some good suggestion . it is iOS demo project