How to keep current position when timeline starts


I have a timeline with an animation for my Player prefab, when the timeline animation is triggered my player is automaticly placed into the position in the animation

On animation trigger the player POPS over to the location when the animation starts.

Which is fine and perfect, BUT, what if I want my Player prefab Game Object to stay in the current position wherever the player had it when the animation was triggered?

Say, player is moving in XYZ position on screen, timeline animation is triggered, the player stays still and THEN the player is moved to the new position. Instead of just popping in to place.

Thank you for your help!

You can make your timeline object a child of another object.

On the animation track, set the TrackOffsets to ApplySceneOffsets to have the character animate from their current position.

Or, continue to use ApplyTrackOffset and leave a gap on the track before the first clip by turning PreExtrapolation off. The character should teleport when the timeline hits the first clip on the track instead of at the beginning of the timeline.

Hello! i set applyscene offsets and it works! But I want that from the position that I enter inside the TimeLine it moves to a specific position inside the animation. It’s like the animation is running. I did not understand what the ApplyTrackOffset is for?