How to keep data after reinstall?

After the user uninstall/reinstalls my app, all of his serialized data is gone. Is there a way to store a file on a mobile device permanently - which persists through various installs? Without using a server/cloud service or requiring the user to log into Google Play Games?

For those reading, I found this genius piece of code (first snippet): which I used to write my data to the phone’s sdcard. It remained after completely un- and re-installing the app! Eureka! Now only to figure out how to do this on IOS…

UPDATE: still haven’t tried IOS but improved it so it works with Internal Memory and no sdcard (but you need “Write External Storage” permission still for some reason):

		string s = Directory.GetParent(

		if (!Directory.Exists(s + "/.GAMENAME/"))
			Directory.CreateDirectory(s + "/.GAMENAME/");

		myPath = s + "/.GAMENAME/";