How To Keep GameObjects From Enabling Again?

Sorry for the second question of today, please excuse me. As you read in the title, how can I keep GameObjects From Enabling Again after they have already been destroyed? In my game, I fade into the scene but with the same scene, not from a different scene. It plays a little animation and then fades. Before it fades the objects get destroyed. What I want to do, is after it get’s destroyed, to never spawn it again unless the Player restarts the game or something, because if I clicked a button and went to a different scene and then clicked back, it would play the little animation and have to destroy the objects again. So how can I keep certain gameobjects from reactivating and from coming back after being destroyed or disabled?

By the way, I use to get rid of the gameobjects I want in this scene.

The answer is making a copy of the scene I want, and getting rid of the game objects that I don’t need. Then you load the scene when you need it. This answer was from b1gry4n, so thank him/her.

I have a better solution. When the player gets an item in my game, I use it’s position Vector3 as a unique float for that item, for example: the player gets an iron sword (after that, I want that sword gone for good).

So, in the Iron Sword script, I do:

bool isDestroyed = false;

float uniqueID = this.transform.position.x+this.transform.position.y+this.transform.position.z;

void Start(){

if (PlayerPrefs.GetFloat(uniqueID) == 1)


void GetSword(){
PlayerPrefs.SetFloat(uniqueID, 1);

I know it’s not so elegant, but I’m not an elegant programmer :smiley:

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