How To keep items in inventory between changing Scenes

So my items in the inventory are destroyed when loading a new scene, is there anyways to prevent this ?
Here my Item script:

            using UnityEngine;
            [CreateAssetMenu(fileName ="Newitems",menuName ="Inventory/Items")]
   public class Item : ScriptableObject {

new public string name = "New items";  
public Sprite Icon = null;             
public bool isDefaulet = false;   

In the Inventory script, i using:

         using System.Collections;
           using System.Collections.Generic;
       using UnityEngine;

          public class Inventory : MonoBehaviour{

                public  List<Item> items = new List<Item>();

I have been following Brackey RPG item instruction and now i’m stuck.
(Sorry for bad english, I’m just a beginner and not a native person )

Solve, just mark gamemanager as DontDestroyOnLoad