How to keep my health bar directly above my player and straight no matter how the player turns?

Health Bar issue:
How can I keep it straight horizontally above my player at all times no matter which direction my player turns?
Health Bar Script:

 using UnityEngine;
 using UnityEngine.UI;

public class StatusIndicator : MonoBehaviour {

	private RectTransform healthBarRect;
	//private Text healthText;

	void Start()
		if (healthBarRect == null) 
			Debug.LogError ("StatusIndicator Bar is Missing");

		//if (healthText == null) 
			//Debug.LogError("StatusIndicator Bar is Missing");

	public void SetHealth(int _cur, int _max)
		float _value = (float)_cur / _max;

		healthBarRect.localScale = new Vector3(_value, healthBarRect.localScale.y, healthBarRect.localScale.z);
		//healthText.text = _cur + "/" + _max + "HP";


One way to achieve this is to make an empty gameObject as your player, and make the player sprite and health bar as its children. Rotate the player sprite with the script attached on that empty gameObject or as you wish. This way you can achieve the same effect.

You can unparent it from Player and add something like

pp = player.transform.position;
healthBar.transform.position.Set(pp.x, pp.y+0.5f, pp.z);

to your Update() function.

You could draw it in the OnGUI() method of a MonoBehavior