How to keep rigidbody from falling through terrain?

I instantiate a prefab object into the world, and after like 10 times the objects keeps falling through the ground. Both the ground and the object have rigidbodies on them to make sure that they see eachother. For some reason the object that I am creating stops colliding with the terrain after a certain number of times. The only thing working on the falling object is gravity via rigidbody component. I do have a character with character controller and third person controller in the scene as I am performing instatiation. Any help will do.

Create the ground without a rigidbody, and place a collider on it instead. Your ground probably doesn’t need to react to physics, but your object will need to react to physics so it will need a riggidbody on it AND a collider as well. You then place a Physics Material on the ground collider (which is optional) to apply either friction and/or bounciness to your player or game object.

Cool thanks. I have removed the rigidbody from the terrain. I think part of the problem was that I was placing a rigidbody along with the Character controller, and there were two forces at work. I have removed the rigidbody from the Player gameobject. It seems to be working fine now.