How to keep the (actual) camera size constant

I am using Unity Collaborate, and came across a strange problem.

Despite the value of ‘Size’ of the Camera component being the same, members on the team and I have different actual size of the camera. (That is, I can see less of the scene than others, in both width and length)

I think the different resolution might be the cause, but how can I solve it?

The problem holds even if we set the screen ratio to the same value, or set ‘Maximize on play’ as off.

We do get same results after the project is built, but it’s just too annoying to not be able to see how the game would actually look like from the editor.

I’ve tried using Screen.SetResolution and Camera.rect, but it seems like it has no effect on how the game looks in the editor whatsoever.

It’s a 2D game, and we’re using an orthographic camera.

Any advice?

Any success?
I’m having a similar problem working alone. As you said, all the parameters are the small, but the scale is so different, I can’t even see anything