How to keep the old line text?

I have been trying to figure out this but with no success .
What I am trying to do is to keep the old text while the script adds the new text below the old text.

	public GameObject Text_Object;
        private Text textComponent;
void Start () {
		//gets the text UI Object in canvas component
		textComponent = Text_Object.GetComponent<Text>();
                textComponent.text = "Hello";

void Text2(){
textComponent.text = "Hey";

Basically as you can see the first text gets replace with the second text. What I’m trying to do keep the old text while if I press T it prints the new text below the old text and also add a command when they hit D it clears the text new and old text.

Hi, you just need to make a minor change:

    void Text2()
        textComponent.text += "

" + “Hey”;

This basically makes it additive: textComponent.text = textComponent.text + "
" + “Hey”;
" writes to a new line.

Just make sure that your text element height is high enough for multi-line text or you won’t see the second line.

Hope that helps!