How to know if a Prefab has changed


im quite new to unity, i have base knowledge and already made an app on my own (not saying its written in the perfect way but it works great).

i am working on a project and i wanted to know using a script i will write if there is a way to check if a prefab has changed in runetime?

explanation of the situation

i have an activity, the user can have a drop down choice question, an input text field question, check boxes and more.

i want to NOT let the user continue (pressing the continue button) to the next activity WITHOUT filling the required areas.

so back to my question:

is there a way to check if the prefab that contains the areas that are required to be checked (if its in his siblings or where ever it might be in his children) has been changed in terms of from its original form?

No i am not moving it around or anything, it is static and staying in its same location, but there are children being added and removed during the activity’s actions

its not called “Activity” in unity :smiley:

for that u said u can check if input filed is not empty like this :

   if ( GetComponent<InputField>().text != System.String.Empty)
                // GO NEXT


and for check boxes u can check if at least one check box is checked;
for drop down u can check it like this too ;

so its not a good idea to check for prefab to see if it changes and i dont thin its even possible;