How to know if I can use my new game title legally? And its not copyrighted.

Coming up with a name for my game, I often find when searching the internet: flash games with same name.

Is there way to find out if name is taken? Legal website to search if game name is taken.

Like I can’t use pepsi for a game title. Can I?

I can’t afford a lawyer. And how do a lawyer him self find if game name is taken? He must look somewhere, right?

The answer is different for every country. Assuming that you’re talking about the US…

First, you should understand the difference between copyrights and trademarks. Your game is copyrighted but the title would be a trademark. Similarly, Pepsi is a trademark. To do a trademark search, go to the US Patent Office.

Also, you need to search on whatever store you plan to use for your game, as there may be apps that use the same name that haven’t registered a trademark.