How to know if moderators passed my question.

I asked a question two days back. I still haven’t got if moderators passed my question or if they simply dropped it. Didn’t get any mail too. So i want to ask how much time does it take for moderators to review a question.

You should see something like “The question is waiting approval by a moderator.” below your question, when you’ll stop to see that line - approved/rejected/closed.

How long? - depends!, moderators here are the same users as you just with a bit more Karma, currently there are 283 submissions for moderator approval, and I guess no one will go through all to check every single post if it should be rejected, approved or provided a comment for TS to elaborate or fix something, so that might take a while.

I’ll look up for your question.

P.S. Found and approved, but honestly you should have provided there some screenshots and your function code, that might be the fact why no one even bothered with your question.

P.P.S. I hope you understood from my answer that correctly-formated and well-written question with all related info won’t be rejected and will get approved faster. Use that knowledge in your future questions :wink: