how to know if my cinemachine camera is colliding with the confiner inside code

ok so first of all I have searched and have not been able to find anything on the internet that can help me with this so pls don’t say this is a duplicate question or has been answered in another post cause I didn’t find anything according to unity 2020 or even close to this version.

so I have a 2d camera with a cinemachine virtual camera I only use it for confined and it works and everything is ok.

but I have an auto travel option for my camera which basically takes a position and moves the camera to that point.

the question here is that I want to know when my camera is touching the cinemachines confiner collider and can’t move any further so basically what is the way of knowing [inside code] that your camera is touching the confiners edge so then you’d be able to execute some code on that event

with a help of a friend[Pure#7790] inside the brackeys discord server I was able to find the solution:

in here you can checkout the CameraWasDisplaced method which solved the problem for me

this method will return true during the frames that our camera is being displaced by the confined which is exactly what i wanted but the documents were a little bit unclear

What about for confiner2D ? There is no such method in Confiner2D class. What to do in this case ?