How to know if Occlusion Culling running

Hi All,

I have Unity Pro 3.5 and I have one scene when running without occusion culling its 75 fps.
When I select the Occlusion Culling window from Window menu and bake the rate of the scence goes up to 90-100 fps. When I close the Occlusion Culling window and run the same scene I get 75 fps…why? I just baked it. When I select Occlusion Culling window again and run the scene (without rebaking) the frame rate goes again to 90 - 100 fps. Why I need to select Occlusion Culling window when I already baked the scene? why doesn’t Unity remeber that I baked the scene and how do I know that in the final realse the scene will include occlusion culling?

Sorry for the long post :slight_smile:

Thank u in advance


It sounds like you already know how to preview occlusion culling. You may want to review the occlusion culling manual page to make sure that you’re configuring things well – for example, if your camera is within an occlusion area, or if your occlusion cells are a good size match for the objects in your scene, or how your objects are set to cull.

Have you tried using the profiler to check for performance issues? Hard data can tell you much more than some stranger’s guesswork.