How to know if UV map exists on model ?

Hi all,

I am new to lighting in Unity 5.5.4 and as I understand it, I need a UV map on my models in order to generate baked lighting.

I downloaded a bunch of assets from the asset store, sorted the whole lot in the relevant asset folders of my project (meshes with meshes, materials with materials etc …)

When I try and bake my lighting in I have a horrible speckle-pixelated result:


I have set all the lights in the scene to Baked.

And set up my light settings as follow:


I have not checked the Generate Lightmapping UV on the models import settings, because I am not sure if they are already generated (where can I check that ? ) and I don’t want to override them.

Thanks for your advice !

If you can apply textures to the mesh, then it has UVs. Clicking ‘Generate Lightmap UVs’ will not override the object UVs, it simply creates reference points for Unity’s light baking system to work with, so I would recommend doing that for a start.