How to layout elements with set percentages

Hey there,

I’m extremely new to the unity platform, so I do apologize if I am not using the correct terminology or if I am asking for something that’s quite obvious.

I am trying to make a VerticalLayoutGroup where the 3 elements within it have variable sizes based on the screen’s size. Basically I’d like to set the sizes based on percentages (see image for clarification).

Any help is more than appreciated, thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

It seems like you don’t need Vertical Layout group at all. You can just play with anchors (found on RectTransform), in your case Min Y and Max Y

  • Bottom thing will have: Min Y: 0 Max Y: 0.1
  • Middle thing will have: Min Y: 0.1
    Max Y: 0.9
  • Top thing will have: Min Y: 0.9 Max
    Y: 1

I recommend reading this for better understanding: RectTransform