How To Learn Unity ??

I am new in unity, i have watched few tutorials, they are helpful. i have made by 1st game also.
Guys, there are many tutorials around unity webpage, i want to know which one should i watch ?( I can’t watch all :stuck_out_tongue: )
In simple words, i want a full procedural way ( step by step way ) to learn unity efficiently.

I know this’ll be irritating for you guys but i’ll really appreciate your help.

Honestly ? I’m sure a lot of peoples will disagree with me, but to truly understand how works Unity and what’s behind it, I advise you to first learn to use low-level APIs such as OpenGL, draw a cube, then a .obj and generally have fun. You will learn a TON of things concerning video-game and how they works. > Excellent website to learn OpenGL.

Once you’ve done that, you can can dive even deeper and build your own CPU rasterizer (Not for the faint of hearts), you will learn a LOT of things concerning the rendering pipeline here.

This is how I personally learned how to not only use Unity, but have a better understanding of what is all behind it.

Otherwise, there was another post with the same question : How can I start learning Unity fast? ( List Of Tutorials ) - Unity Answers