How to leave / Exit the LobbyManager and go back to main menu ?

Hi, I think my question is clear in its title but I can tell a bit more :

  • I have a scene with a Network Lobby Manager for a 2 players versus game.
  • When 2 players join, the game start on a new scene.
  • When a player wins/loses, a scene shows the result of the game
  • Then it goes back to Lobby (I did not find anyway to start another game without going back to Lobby)

There I’m stuck : what to do to leave the LobbyManager scene and go back to a main menu (for Solo playing for example) ? I did find this to go back to lobby after Game Over :


Does exist a function like say CloseLobbyManager() or ExitLobbyManagerToScene (scene) ?..

Thank You for your help.

It’s ok, I found a way… It’s “Network.Disconnect()”.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using UnityEngine.Networking;

public class VersusExitButton : MonoBehaviour {

	private GameObject LBM;
	void Start() {

		LBM = GameObject.Find ("LobbyManager");

	void OnMouseDown () {
		Network.Disconnect ();
		Destroy (LBM);
		GameManager.gameManager.MainLoadScene ("scene00"); // SCENE SUIVANTE


I know this is a bit late but I am a newbie and I am still stuck on this error. I tried Pifloyn’s answer but I don’t know what the GameManager is and it seems to bring me to the lobby scene but my mouse disappears… Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks