How to let player know they have completed a Level,How to let Player know they have completed a Level

I have a game where all levels are unlocked and the object is to dodge obstacles and reach the end of the level, and I need to let the player know that they have passed a level
I’ve tried enabling a prefab after the player have gotten to the end of a level.
as seen below the “Z” indicates the player have completed a level

The problem is that enabling prefabs does not work on android devices
I need another way to let the player know they have completed a level,

You can definitely enable Game Objects at runtime on mobile.

A common mistake people do is that when they call SetActive, They try it like so:

gameObject.SetActive() = true;

which is wrong.

The correct way to use it is:


Instantiating prefabs should also work the same on mobile if that’s what you mean.

I used player prefs instead of enabling a Gameobject and it works fine on android as well
thx anyway’s.