How to limit speed of falling

Hi everyone,

I am making a 2D platformer game. My player has not got a small circle collider, ground is ok, too. But sometimes when my player falls down, speed increases due to gravity and sometimes, not always, my player fall through the ground. I already increased FPS to 60 - it is better, but when falling too long, the problem remains.

The solution I thing would be to limit the speed of falling. What is the best and easiest way to atchive it?
Please help.

I think what happens is, your object penetrates the collider between fixed updates. As a performant workaround you can do a linecast downwards with a set length and when it hit’s the ground modify the velocity.

You can also try setting your rigidbody’s “collision detection” option to “continuous dynamic”.

And finally from the “Time” project settings you can lower the “fixed timestep” value so the physics calculations are made more frequently.