How to link files from il2cpp.exe on Windows?

Hi, everyone!

I am planing to develop game for Windows platform and i need to integrate my DRM system. But DRM system is working only with native code (x86 or x64 intructions set, not IL).

I converted game skeleton using il2cpp.exe and batch script to cpp sources code (*.h, *.cpp files). I compiled this code. It’ s great.

But i can’t link .obj files into binary. I can’t get necessary librares (.lib) for static link.

  1. Please tell me there i can get librares required for linking on PC Windows x86, x64.
  2. When is officially il2cpp will be released on Windows?

It’s duplicate of:

As mentioned on the forum, we don’t yet have a date or release for IL2CPP on Windows. It likely will happen, but it is not ready yet.