How to link to my app in the app store

I’m trying to create a button that will send my users to my app on the app store to rate my game. For testing purposes I used crossy road to see if it works:

Application.OpenURL ("");

When I click the button, my phone opens the screen to search for an app (image attached) but it doesn’t open the app store page. How do you structure these links? There are more so many sources about this but nothing specifically in unity or too old to be appropriate, this simple thing shouldn’t be that time-consuming…

According to this How do I put a "Rate game" button? - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions
What you are trying should be working.
I guess the only obvious question ( if that is not working for you) would be how are you testing it ?

@christianstrang you are trying to open the google play store but you are using the code to open the ios appstore.