How to load 3d model(.obj) in device by programmatic.

Hello there. I’m using the code loading 3d model(.obj) programmatically. The code is “new material(shader.find(“specular”));”. This code work well at unity3d’s play function. But it doesn’t work at device(android platform). I tested at Galaxy S7 EDGE, VEGA IRON. I already tested Mobile/Bumped specular instead of specular. But the result is same… :frowning: How can I show 3d model programmatically at device… Please help me… Thank you…

Self-Answer helped by hexagonius

Thanks very much hexagonius.

I had no time to find the menu… at this moment can find it.

It is placed under [Edit - Project Settings - Graphics].

And I modify ‘Always Included Shaders’ adding Element(Mobile/Bumped specular) also adding code(new material(shader.find(“Mobile/Bumped specular”));).

The result is… very very successful!

Thank to hexagonius one more time. You are my savior bro. :slight_smile:

Have a nice day who read this answer !