How to load a different prefab using the same scene?

I am creating puzzle like game. I am using two scenes: one for choosing a level and second for the puzzle. I have got some puzzles as prefabs and I want to load a specific puzzle in puzzle scene if I press level button in level selection scene.
I hope that the answer is clear and I want to know how to do it.

you can use the “static” variable and record the user click value and load the certain prefab set according to that.

Example: say in scene 0 where i have a script called InputManager

    public static string selected_level=0;

On Mouse click we put some value in selected_level

Void OnMouseDown()

On the other scene we have some other script which will have 

Void Start()
resources.load("prefab directory"+InputManager.selected_level,vector3(0,0,0),quterian.identity);